Sponsor a Scholar

Education is the greatest predictor of economic success in adult life. Yet, many students in Phoenix are not given the same access to an excellent education. Our organization takes highly capable, highly motivated students and provides them new opportunities in new settings. We believe that with this support and this access, we give them the greatest possible chance of changing their life situation. You can be a part of this change.

Our sponsors can form personal relationships with students – not only providing critical financial support, but emotional support as well. Our sponsors are invited to join us for dinners with our scholars. They may share emails, conversations, and life experiences. They offer sincere advice and genuine concern. We believe that this personal relationship is as critical as the financial. While this kind of interaction is not necessary in order to participate in SFS, we like to encourage it whenever possible.

All of our scholars meet twice monthly. One meeting a month is as a whole-group, and the board of directors attends as well. We spend this time together checking on scholars’ progress – academically, socially, and in extra-curricular activities. We also use this time to address specific concerns and teach self-advocacy skills. One meeting a month is in a small cohort, where students at each site meet with an adult from their school. They use this time together problem-solving and offering support to one another.

If you are interested in helping a scholar, contact us